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Who Am I?

I am an Italian-American, 1st generation born. I come from a strong, loving, caring, and hard-working family. I have one sibling anybody could ask for, two relentless and wonderful parents, and two grandparents the world would ask for.

I got the nickname "The Italian Guru" from some important people in my life; I received this due to my Italian background, being an Italian teacher, as well as a learner, but also, due to my life experiences that have led me to become the "Guru" that I am today. The past experiences and life events have crafted me into a learning machine... One that has grown exponentially, no matter what language or code that was given.

Fortnite, Camper, stars, Earth, relax, chill, Christopher Carovillano, Christopher V. Carovillano

My Hobbies

When I'm not working, I really love to watch sports, play sports, video games, cook and bake, and of course, create good educational content. When the weather is nice, I enjoy being outside, walking, going by the wqater and the beach, going fishing, biking, and running. 

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My Favorite Things

Anything that makes me happy! Quite a few!

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